With this ezcap232 cassette tape to MP3 converter, you can easily convert your old tape to MP3 without a computer and automatic partition each songs of tape, you just need to plug a Micro SD card on then press “record” button, the device will convert all the music on tape to your Micro SD card in MP3 format automatically. You can also playback on it, or just put SD card to other place (computer, portable speaker,etc.) to play the  recorded music.      

    - Converts your precious cassette collection to MP3 standalone, no computer required.
    - Converts full tape music to MP3 files by automatic partition each songs.

    - Plug and play.
    - With Playback, can check the recorded music on device directly.
    - Flexible battery or USB-powered operation.
    - Compact and portable design.
    - Can be used as personal cassette player.
    - With Auto-Reverse function.

    - Interface: Micro SD  Standard
    - Recording Format: MP3
    - Power Supply: 2 * AA Battery, or USB port Power selection
    - Working Time: 1 hour with 2 * AA Battery
    - Audio Channel: Stereo L/R
    - Bit Rate: 128Kbps
    - Dimension: 160 * 94 * 35 mm
    - Weight: 145g

    Package Contents:
    - ezcap232 Cassette Tape to MP3 Converter         
    - Earphone
    - USB to 2.5mm Cable for USB Power Supply
    - User Guide
    - AA Battery (Option)

    Invertion and Design Patent