EZLive App: Version Guide

EZLive App iOS version: 

4, May 4th, 2020, version 3.0.2: The buttons will be hidden after touching the screen. Improve some bugs of iOS13. 

3, Sep 9th, 2019, version 3.0.0: Supports rtmps; Displays connection status - connecting, connect success, connect fail, connect closed. 

2, July 15, 2019, version 2.9.6: Solve the recording problem. Debug the problem for pushing media file.

1, May 30, 2019, version 2.9.5: Add delete activety icon. Debug the problem for pushing media file.

EZLive App Android version: 
2, May 18, 2020, version 1.0.19-c3176c6: Add rtmps supporting. Touch screen to hide the buttons. 

1, July 15, 2019, version 1.0.18-133491e for Android: Change searching name in Google Play from ezcap Live to EZLive. Change playback path folder from whole library to EZLive library.